ColourVUE is a leading brand of coloured eye lens products which offers an extensive range of lens designs, from natural-looking lens to Crazy to Glow lenses. Every pair of ColourVUE lens offers exceptional comfort and hydration, thanks to ColourVUE’s patented Hydrogel Technology.


Made with high expertise and beautifully designed by Maxvue Vision, the leading designers of coloured cosmetic contact lenses, all ColourVUE lens exceeds European Certified regulations for superior quality and a safe product that you can rely on. Change your style with our widest choice of coloured cosmetic eye lenses including: Glamour, Big Eyes, Fusion, 3 Tones, Stars & Jewel, Crazy Lens and UV Glow lenses. Not to also mention our state of the art ColourVUE Toric series which is suitable for astigmatism patients wanting to wear coloured eye lenses. Featuring its enhanced stability, lens rotation prevention and precise axis correction.


Each ColourVUE box comes with 2 easy-to-use lenses for 3-months usage, or vials for yearly use (Crazy Lens & Glow). All lenses are made from a patented soft Hydrogel material, which ensures great water content to give your eyes high oxygen permeability, a superb comfortable fit, and the safest, most fashionable lens all around. ColourVUE eye products are manufactured in strict accordance to cosmetic standards and is governed by the EU Cosmetics Directive.


PT Maxvue Vision Indonesia are the exclusive distributors of ColourVUE eye contact lenses, throughout Indonesia.





Maxvue Vision Indonesia proudly presents ColourVUE's extensive range of premium cosmetic eye lens and lens care products.

ColourVUE is one of the world’s leading coloured eye lens brand, reputable for its superior quality and services. The wide range includes 6 different selections: Glamour, BigEyes, Fusion, 3 Tones, Stars and Jewel range and the LATEST ColourVUE Toric lens, crafted specially to correct astigmatism. Step into your wildest fantasy with Crazy Lens and Glow series which unleashes your wild side and add the finishing touch to any fun and party occasion.


Buy ColourVUE for the highest quality, most innovative designs around. Whether you are interested in a simple eye colour change or something crazy to add to your party outfit, ColourVUE is sure to have something to suit every occasion.


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